Among Portugal’s many attractions are historic cities, awe-inspiring castles, mesmerizing street art, world-renowned cuisine, diverse landscapes, and idyllic beaches. Seems like it just has it all. We’ve put together five unbiased reasons why you may find your balance in Portugal this year.
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Reason 1: Portugal is the encapsulated mild weather
Portugal’s climate is always heart-warming. With 3000 sunny hours a year and hot weather throughout the country from June to September, it’s a great destination to have the relaxed beach holidays of your dreams.

Reason 2: Portugal is a safe and peaceful destination to visit
Did you know that Portugal is considered the 4th most peaceful country in the world after Iceland, New Zealand and Denmark?

Reason 3: There are plenty of outdoor experiences for all to enjoy

Reason 4: You are free to slow down a bit in historic villages and quaint cities of the Centro de Portugal

Reason 5: Whale watching on the Azores will surely make you feel whale well
Almost a quarter of the world’s marine mammals have been identified off the coast of the Azores, where the underwater cliffs create for them the perfect feeding ground. Throughout the year, you can see a variety of species of dolphins and whales, including pilot and sperm ones. From mid-spring to mid-summer, you might also see blue whales, humpbacks, orcas, fins, and minke. Once you are on dry land after such an encounter, it is a good idea to soak in a spa.